Saturday, April 29

08:00 – 19:00

Welcome Desk – Information and registration (Room Board)

09:30 – 10:00


10:00 – 11:00

Keynote Speaker Session

(Room Zsolnay I + II)

The application of psychology to understanding and treating cancer: Achievements and prospects

Emeritus Professor Leslie G. Walker, MA (Hons), PhD, DipClinPsychol, CClinPsychol, CBiol, CSci, FSB, FBPsS

Professor of Cancer Rehabilitation at the University of Hull, United Kingdom

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee Break

11:30 – 13:10

Clinical Psychology


Oral Presentations

Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay I + II)

Measuring Alexithymia via trait approach-i: A Alexithymia scale item selection and formation of factor structure (OP_220)

Arkun Tatar, Gaye Saltukoğlu, Seda Alioğlu, Sümeyye Çimen, Hülya Güven & Çağla Ebru Ay


Humor and self-regulation depletion (OP_226)

Monika Hricová


Predictors of binge eating symptomatology (OP_068)

Jennifer McKenzie & Lynne M. Harris


Goal dysregulation in depression (OP_261)

Joanne M. Dickson & Nicholas J. Moberly


School-based sexual abuse prevention: Increasing knowledge in children, teachers and parents (OP_066)

Chrysanthi Nega, Tinia Apergi & Eva Syngelaki

11:30 – 12:50

Social Psychology // Psychology in Politics and International Issues // Social Anxiety and Self-Esteem


Oral Presentations

Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay III)

The Yezidi minority refugee population and European humanitarian organizations (OP_187)

Kyle A. Msall


The factor of economic security of person in the regulating of insurance and investment policy (OP_269)

Olga Medyanik


Values as a factor in students’ attitudes toward extremism (OP_287)

Olga Deyneka


Intellectual humility and morality concerning political and social issues in the United States (OP_085)

Megan C. Haggard, Wade C. Rowatt & Joseph Leman

11:30 – 13:10

Legal Psychology


Oral Presentations

Parallel Session


(Room Palace)

“Everything changes”: Listening to individuals bereaved through homicide (OP_029)

Filipa Alves-Costa, Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis & Sarah Halligan


Sexual arousal as a function of stimulus mode: Strengthening phallometric assessment (OP_263)

Richard J. Howes & Sarah E. Howes


Transnational aspect of migration as a factor of terrorism (OP_280)

Igor Medyanik


A study on the coping styles and well being of female prison inmates in Odisha (OP_291)

Arjyalopa Mishra, Swagata Banerjee & Anamika


Role of prevolitional processes in online video games playing: Test the validity of extended model of goal-directed model (OP_249)

Bibiána Kováčová Holevová

13:00 – 14:30


14:30 – 15:30

Keynote Speaker Session

(Room Zsolnay I + II)

The children of political correctness

Emeritus Professor Howard S. Schwartz, PhD, Professor of Organizational Behavior in the School of Business Administration,

Oakland University, USA

15:35 – 16:35

Social Psychology //

Social Factors in Adolescence and its Development


Oral Presentations

Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay I + II)

What becomes of the selectively mute? Exploring narratives of adolescents previously diagnosed with selective mutism (OP_115)

Paschale McCarthy


Parent career behaviour and emotional autonomy in adolescence (OP_254)

Tatiana Konshina & Tatiana Sadovnikova


The biography game – Interconnection and exchange processes in the context of adolescent computer game usage (OP_282)

Florian Lippuner & Daniel Süss

15:35 – 16:35

Educational Psychology


Oral Presentations

Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay III)

Emotions, meaning making and the psyhological development of the adult museum visitor (OP_047)

Colette Dufresne-Tassé & Elisabeth Meunier


Attribution of students’success and failure: Basis for a guidance program (OP_058)

Mary Ann I. Diaz, Elenita M. Tiamzon & Elsa L. Batalla


Parenting stress and its influential factors:Among Kosovar mothers (OP_293)

Zamira Hyseni Duraku

15:35 – 16:35

Cognitive and Experimental Psychology


Oral Presentations

Parallel Session


(Room Palace)

The role of attentional resources in explaining sex differences in object location memory (OP_118)

Efrat Barel


The impact of spatiotemporal attention on the negative compatibility effect (OP_150)

Yongchun Wang, Yonghui Wang, Saisai Hu & An Cao


The role of sex hormones in individual differences in cognitive abilities (OP_117)

Efrat Barel & Orna Tzischinsky

16:30 – 17:00

Coffee Break

17:00 – 19:00


Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay I + II)

Effectiveness of emotionally focused couple therapy for adoptive couples in Taiwan (P_036)

Sung-Hsien Sun & Wan-Chieh Huang


The evidence base for cognitive behavioural therapy in irritable bowel syndrome: where next? (P_041)

Daan De Coster


Psychometric characteristics of the Bulgarian version of the Toronto Alexithymia scale (TAS-20) (P_060)

Kiril Bozgunov, Vencislav Popov, Elena Psederska, Georgi Vasilev, Dimitar Nedelchev & Jasmin Vassileva


Relationship experience: An evaluation in terms of early maladaptive schemas (P_157)

Büşra Aslan & Gülşen Kaynar


Trait emotional intelligence construct and incremental validity in the Slovak conditions (P_296)

Lada Kaliská & Eva Sollarova


Siblings’ graphic representations the of a family member with autism spectrum disorder: An exploratory study (P_175)

Georgette Goupil, Nathalie Poirier & Julien Morand


Sociocultural pressures about body image and the moderating role of gender among Slovak university students (P_215)

Lucia Hricová & Olga Orosová


Validity and accuracy for the TCT- DP in different school levels (P_231)

Sara Ibérico Nogueira, Maria Leonor Almeida & Tiago Souza Lima


Quality of life, anxiety and depression in patients with chronic pain who are receiving ambulatory care (P_035)

Aline Cristina Antonechen, Maribel Pelaez Dóro & Iris Miyake Okumura


Factors associated with self-destructive behaviour among school pupils (P_262)

Anna Janovská, Olga Orosová & Beata Gajdošová


Social relationships of teenagers with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder (P_279)

Ariane Leroux-Boudreault & Nathalie Poirier


Analysis of moral disengagement of adolescents who are abused by their couples (P_064)

Isabel Cuadrado-Gordillo & Inmaculada Fernández-Antelo


An examination of parenting styles and early maladaptive schemas on psychological symptoms (P_061)

Burcu Kömürcü & Serel Akdur


Media multitasking:Are you a super tasker? (P_034)

Lobna Cherif & Sophie Kenny


The study for relation between color preference and its reaction time (P_123)

Shengai Jin & Yasuhiro Kawabata


Evaluating and preventing cognitive failures in a company of the Brazilian electrical sector (P_170)

Ederaldo Lopes, Adriano Pereira, Adriano Andrade, Selma Milagre, Jenaina Magela & Paulo Roberto Prado


Judgment of the consistency between a textual prime and a hybrid pictorial metaphor of animal (P_228)

Geoffrey Ventalon, Charles Tijus, Maria José Escalona Cuaresma & Francisco José Domínguez Mayo


The role of the intergenerational transmission of attachment on the intimate partner violence (P_130)

Franca Tani & Lucia Ponti


Patterns of abuse: profiling child sex abuse cases using machine learning (P_286)

Nicholas Wisniewski & David Jimenez


Adolescents' experiences of victimization as modulating variables in the emergence of divergent conceptualizations of cyberbullying (P_065)

Inmaculada Fernández-Antelo & Isabel Cuadrado-Gordillo


Narcissistic injury in patients with haematological diseases: From diagnosis to clinical follow-up (P_083)

Iris Miyake Okumura, Maribel Pelaez Dóro & Aline Cristina Antonechen


17:00 – 19:00

Educational Psychology //

Psychology in schools


Oral Presentations

Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay III)

Efficacy of mindfulness based cognitive therapy on children with anxiety (OP_012)

Rima Shetty


The link between L2 learners’ positive psychological well-being and their attitudes towards peer feedback in China, Taiwan and Oman (OP_028)

Chu Rong-Xuan, Fatma Al Hajri & Qian Dai


Elementary and middle school students’ perceptions of tests (OP_285)

Gökçe Bulgan


Implementation of social-emotional learning programs in Japanese schools: School teachers’ perceived anchor points (OP_290)

Reizo Koizumi


Parent-adolescent conflict resolution model to enhance time management, study habits and achievement (OP_321)

Fatma Ebru Ikiz, Feridun Balcı, Kemal Balkan & Yunus Havan


The predictive value of personal control expectancies on the scientific interests of secondary school students (OP_158)

José Tomás da Silva, Maria Paula Paixão, Teresa Sousa Machado & Maria Isabel Festas


17:00 – 19:00


Parallel Session


(Room Palace)

Engaging and managing angry young men with mental health issues: A six-session intervention (WS_016)

Warrick Brewer







Sunday, April 30

08:30 – 16:00

Welcome Desk – Information and registration (Room Board)

09:00 – 10:10


Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay I + II)

Predictors of academic success and educational expectations: role of teacher involvement, academic self-efficacy, age and gender (P_198)

Demet Kara


The education in Greece: The case of hospital education (P_272)

Aikaterini Palasidou & Maria Palasidou


Agreeableness and extraversion in Brazilian students: A comparative study in the function of sex (P_295)

Mara Leal, Tatiana Ferreira & Lucy Melo-Silva


Responsibility in Brazilian high school students: Is there difference between girls and boys? (P_327)

Mara Leal, Lucy Melo-Silva & Maria do Céu Taveira


Testing “visual impedance” in reasoning by reducing reading and writing requirements (P_142)

Elpida Panagiotidou, Francisca Serrano & Sergio Moreno-Ríos


Online burnout prevention among Hungarian teachers (P_076)

Szilvia Horváth


Communication skills and social support at workplace (P_151)

Koshi Makino


Factors of lifetime prevalence of alcohol use among early adolescent boys and girls (P_161)

Beata Gajdošová, Olga Orosová, Anna Janovská & Marianna Berinšterová


Are we teaching what we're preaching? The relationship between the values of life and creativity levels in college level and non-college level teachers (P_244)

Leonor Almeida, Joana Gentil Martins, Maria Malheiro Garcia, Beatriz Francisco Marques, Mariana Sofia Serras &
Beatriz Perry da Câmara


Economic and psychological factors of emigration intentions among Slovak university students (P_172)

Olga Orosová, Beata Gajdošová, Marta Kulanová & Marianna Berinšterová


Normative beliefs as a mediator of the relationship between time spent online and activation for leaving the country (P_234)

Marta Kulanová, Olga Orosová & Jozef Benka


The role of personality on self-reported difficulties in executive function (P_104)

Daniel Adrover-Roig, Raúl López-Penadés, Victor Sanchez-Azanza, Lucía Buil-Legaz & Eva Aguilar-Mediavilla


Maternal social support and the quality of delivery experience (P_129)

Franca Tani, Valeria Castagna & Lucia Ponti


Psychotherapeutic support for breast cancer patients: Structured palliative care therapy versus acceptance and commitment therapy (P_277)

Arunima Datta, Prathama Guha Chaudhuri & Ashis Mukhopadhyay


Brazilian indigenous women: education and public policy (P_265)

Sonia Grubits


Comparing personality tests: Is bigger better? (P_294)

David Freeze, Tracy A. Freeze & Lisa A. Best

09:00 – 11:00

Educational Psychology


Oral Presentations

Parallel Session

OPS _30.2

(Room Zsolnay III)

Bullying in schools in India: effectiveness of anti-bullying squads (OP_020)

Samir Parikh & Kamna Chhibber


Parents, peers, teachers & school: Attachment’s figures along development: The PIML questionnaire (OP_168)

Teresa Sousa Machado, Carolina Neves, José Tomás da Silva, & José Pacheco Miguel


Parenting programmes: A transplant model in practice (OP_079)

Katy Smart


Examination of inclusive distance towards students with special education needs (OP_255)

Danijela S. Petrović


Putting the past in its place: An alternative type of assessment for measuring self-awareness in counselling students (OP_155)

Suzie Savvidou & Petros Kefalas


The childhood career development scale (CCDS) – Psychometric properties in a sample of Portuguese pre-adolescents (OP_173)

José Tomás da Silva, Sofia Vieira, Teresa Sousa Machado & Ludovina Almeida Ramos

10:20 – 11:00

Social Psychology


Oral Presentations

Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay I + II)

Subjective well-being among teachers with and without victimization experiences (OP_160)

Kristi Kõiv


Sexuality as dialectics synthesis: An analysis from social-historical psychology (OP_224)

Jeferson Montreozol, Edna Kahhale & Inara Leão

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee Break

11:30 – 12:00

Special Talk

(Room Zsolnay I + II)

Analyzing dreams or dreaming analysis: The perspective about dreams and dreaming from the analytic field theory

António Alvim, Portuguese Association of Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Portugal

11:30 – 13:10

Clinical Psychology // Others


Oral Presentations

Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay III)

Quality of life in patients with primary and metastatic bone tumors (OP_049)

Olga Shchelkova & Ekaterina Usmanova


An investigation of the predictive role of satisfaction with relationship status for young adults’ mental health (OP_092)

Katarzyna Adamczyk & Małgorzata Osowiecka


Burnout, stress and compassion fatigue among helping professionals (OP_281)

Miroslava Köverová & Beáta Ráczová


A therapist’s struggle to establish the psychoanalytic frame (OP_329)

Sevilay Sitrava


Identifying visitors’ focus of interest during the appreciation of contemporary art (OP_195)

Anne-Marie Émond, Dominic Marin & Joao Pedro Pais Mendonca

12:00 – 13:00

Social Psychology // Organizational Psychology


Oral Presentations

Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay I + II)

Implementating the evidence-based triple P – positive parenting program: Diversity in practitioners' experiences (OP_284)

Marie-Kim Côté & Marie-Hélène Gagné


Implicit negotiation beliefs, achievement goals and integrative negotiation behavioral intentions (OP_289)

Gal Mozes, Noa Nelson & Rachel Ben-ari


Examination of the relationship between emotional stability, personality and procrastination tendency on working women (OP_331)

Gaye Saltukoğlu, Melek Astar & Arkun Tatar

13:00 – 14:30


14:30 – 15:00

Special Talk

(Room Zsolnay I + II)

A model of consciousness

Michael Wang, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Leicester, UK

14:30 – 15:50

Social Psychology


Oral Presentations

Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay III)

Is shame emotion stronger than guilt emotion in Javanese and buginese cultures? (OP_152)

Guritnaningsih Santoso, Lucia RM Royanto & Julia Suleeman


Romantic attachment and parents’ attachment: A study with Portuguese vs Brazilians young adults (OP_174)

Flávia Ferro Costa Veppo, Teresa Sousa Machado & José Pacheco Miguel


Unconscious-consciousness: A comprehension dialectical since Vigotsky’s psychology (OP_223)

Jeferson Montreozol, Edna Kahhale & Inara Leão


Life values, environmental attitudes and environmental behaviors of employees: Turkish sample (OP_317)

Nevin Kılıç, Çiğdem Vatansever & Melek Astar

15:00 – 15:45


Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay I + II)

Evidence-based treatment strategies for trichotillomania and compulsive skin picking (WS_039)

Omar Rahman











Monday, May 1

08:30 – 13:15

Welcome Desk – Information and registration (Room Board)

09:00 – 11:00

Clinical Psychology // Quality of Life and Mental Health


Oral Presentations

Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay I + II)

Impairment in childhood obsessive-compulsive disorder: The mediational role of internalizing and externalizing symptoms (OP_038)

Omar Rahman & Eric Storch


Having high standards for others contributes to life satisfaction beyond a well-balanced personality (OP_070)

Samantha A. Fowler, Leanne L. Davis, Lilly E. Both & Lisa A. Best


Standardizing yoga: assessing components within yoga as complementary and alternative medicine for U.S. military veterans (OP_145)

Jacob N. Hyde & Jeni Hunniecutt


Direct and indirect effects of interpersonal competence on young adults’ mental health through relationship status (OP_084)

Chris Segrin, Katarzyna Adamczyk, Corey A. Pavlich & Małgorzata Osowiecka


The effects of concussion: Perceptions and awareness of sufferers (OP_201)

Cecile Proctor & Lisa A. Best


Predictors of overall life satisfaction in males and females: The importance of body appreciation (OP_077)

Leanne L. Davis, Samantha A. Fowler, Lisa A. Best & Lilly E. Both

09:00 – 11:00

Educational Psychology

Oral Presentations

Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay III)

Investigating the role of individual differences in the prediction of academic performance (OP_059)

Omar Al Ali


Psychoeducation on reproductive health for adolescent with intellectual disability (OP_323)

Frieda Maryam Mangunsong


Metacognitive skills and mathematical problem-solving among 6th grade students (OP_199)

Amal A. Al-Shabibi


Technology use: The influence of psychological variables (OP_214)

Kathryn Flood, Rory McPhee, Diane Buhay, & Lisa Best


Argumentative design and classroom discussion mediation: Creating a reflective environment (OP_322)

Gabriel Macedo, Nancy Ramírez & Selma Leitão


Different perceptions of the teaching profession by male and female teachers (OP_194)

Danijela S. Petrović

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee Break

11:30 – 13:10

Cognitive and Experimental Psychology


Oral Presentations

Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay I + II)

Mood states prediction by Stochastic Petri Nets (OP_015)

Mani Mehraei


A novel procedure to develop items of the cognitive reflection test applying process dissociation approach (OP_040)

Tomas Maceina


Effects of hypnotic suggestion on DRM illusion (OP_074)

Frédérique Robin & Justine Bonamy


Detecting lies from behavioural clues of emotion, cognitive load, and attempts to control behaviour (OP_088)

Derek J. Gaudet & Lisa A. Best


Eat properly; don't be a pig: Making inferences through two display modes, text vs image (OP_227)

Geoffrey Ventalon, Charles Tijus, Maria José Escalona Cuaresma & Francisco José Domínguez Mayo

11:30 – 13:10

Social Psychology


Oral Presentations

Parallel Session


(Room Zsolnay III)

Treatment of occupational mental health in France and Sweden – Between the stress models and psychodynamics of work (OP_171)

Jonathan Benelbaz


Suicides of young Guarani / Kaiowá of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil (OP_149)

Sonia Grubits


Religious practices in resilience of Indonesian disaster survivors (OP_086)

Julia Suleeman


Goal progress in self-care: Mediating role of commitment to self-concordant goals (OP_242)

Ladislav Lovaš & Marcela Bobková


Men’s gender identity as the factor of fathering in Russia (OP_283)

Tatiana Sadovnikova