InPACT 2016 will take place in Lisbon,  the capital and the largest city of Portugal.

The biggest city in Portugal, Lisbon is the most occidental capital of Europe. Situated in the west coast of Portugal, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon has the most pleasant climate. The magnificent harbor provided by Tejo River turns the city into one of the most beautiful and touristic destinations to discover.

Its legendary history is worth knowing, since from Lisbon has departed innumerous expeditions in the Discoveries era, from XV to XVII centuries. The city was rebuilt since the devastating earthquake in 1755 by Marquês de Pombal, creating the place known as Baixa Pombalina, with Rossio and Terreiro do Paço famous squares – this last one with its beautiful archway opened up to the river.

Lisbon, also known as the “Town of the Seven Hills”, invites you to discover its secrets: the culture heritage, the people hospitality, the architecture and historical monuments, the gastronomy… With countless places of interest, Lisbon captures the charm of the old with the best of modernization. Its vast area offers, as well, a variety of different places, from beaches to mountains or countryside with beautiful forests.

Come and walk throughout our typical Portuguese pavements, travel in its trams and funiculars, or in the metro with its impressive underground works of art. Admire the churches, the Castle of São Jorge, the narrow and venturous streets in the traditional neighborhoods like Alfama, Mouraria or Bairro Alto. Enjoy our pavement cafés and bars. Listen to our national music, Fado, played in the most traditional places. Lisbon also hosts a number of beautiful museums of ancient and modern art, gardens and parks. Prove our special dishes and don’t forget to visit Belém to get a taste of our world famous pastry.

It’s in this mixture of five senses that lays the enchantment of Lisbon, so the best way is to visit us and simply enjoy!